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We are so glad you found us. We hope you learn more about our product while you're here and maybe even buy a jar or two. The question we are asked most often is "What is Micro-Brewed Salsa?" We always respond by saying it's similar to Micro-Brewed beer without the alcohol. Micro-Brewing is the process as much as it is our philosophy.

First the process. We make our salsa in smaller batch sizes compared to Macro-Brewed salsas like Pace, Tostitos, Old El Paso. The smaller batch sizes allow us to control the temperature on each and every batch. This preserves the fresh, crisp flavor of each select ingredient. In other words, we don't overcook our salsa. To you, that means a better tasting salsa.

Secondly, the philosophy. When we set out to bring our product to the public, we had two choices. The first was to use lower quality ingredients and add water to our product to save money. The second was to hand-select premium ingredients and make no compromises to our quality. We chose that path. You will be glad we did because there is nothing better than a premium salsa.

We hope that you enjoy our product.

-Clyde & Debra

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