MinneSalsa - Mild

This Mild, chunky red salsa is not without character. The premium tomatoes, onions and gentle touch of jalapeno peppers will dance off your taste buds. Consider this salsa the training ground for the Medium and Hot. If you feel adventurous, step up to the Medium.

MinneSalsa - Medium

This Medium salsa is for those with an adventurous soul. We've kicked up the heat a couple of notches by adding more jalapenos. The heat is offset slightly by subtle hints of brown sugar. After you have mastered the Medium - get ready for the big leagues - MinneSalsa Hot.

MinneSalsa - Hot

Ok, are you ready for a journey? Strap on your seat belt and get ready for a ride. We have three words for you - Jalapeno, Serrano, Habanero - otherwise known as the Pepper Triage. This blend of peppers is not for the faint of heart. Your taste buds will be happy.

MinneSalsa - Black Bean and Corn (BB&C)

We took the original MinneSalsa recipe and blended in Black Beans and Corn for a great Southwestern taste. Try heating this salsa up and pouring it over rice or mix it into your next batch of chili. However, this is also a dipping salsa, so don't miss the opportunity to taste the wonderful Southwestern flavors with your favorite corn chip.

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