Our Story

MinneSalsa is a family-owned and operated business founded by Mark Bourget and Clyde Wagner in 1997. The company is located in Hugo, Minnesota. Minnesota? That's right - Minnesota - we need something to keep us warm during the long winters. Why not salsa?

The creation of MinneSalsa started with Mark and Clyde's quest for fresh tasting salsa. In Mark's kitchen, with the use of a dime store blender and a fridge full of fresh ingredients, the product was developed and shared with friends and family. We took our product to dinner parties, barbecues, and gatherings around the water cooler at work. Eventually we forced our tomato, pepper and spice concoction down enough peoples' throats to where they finally said - "I love this stuff - please put it in a jar and sell it to me." So we did.

In 2004, Clyde bought his friend's half of the business and his wife, Debra, is now his partner. Up until about twoHugos_Own years ago, MinneSalsa was really more of a hobby until their oldest son, Ford, 10 years old, took an active interest which has driven MinneSalsa to the next level.

We are excited to be able to bring our passion for premium salsa to so many more people. However, we still enjoy it around the water cooler at the office. It's just a different office.

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